Weaving A Future On The Loom

"Weaving A Future On The Loom" has been included in DPT's Social Support Program, with the focus being on a professionally educational course in the weaving of ehram. 10 ehram looms were purchased for the museum workshop, and plans made for 20 course students to receive theoretical and applied instruction 5 hours a day for 5 months, making for a total of 550 hours. The project is not limited to educational courses alone, for at the same time there will be class hours devoted to the teaching of entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, some of the students will be given capital in kind so that they can begin manufacturing in home type workshops.

Another highly important element of the project is the treatment of the ehram tradition in line with the needs and expectations of the present day. On the one hand enriching this local textile with a contemporary approach to design, the Baksı Culture and Art Foundation will on the other hand perform a facilitator’s function by providing special support in marketing the ehram.

Described as a model implementation for the region, this project will help ensure that women in the surrounding villages become producers and thus part of economic life. In this first stage of the project, in addition to the 20 course students 75 women living in the region will also benefit.