Anatolia In The Loom's Warp

Meanwhile "Anatolia In The Loom's Warp", which embraces the weaving of kilims, is quite a comprehensive project. Under the aegis of DPT, it benefits from the program of financial support for non-profit organizations, a program run by the Northeastern Anatolia Development Agency. This project is being carried out by the Baksı Culture and Art Foundation in collaboration with Okan University, and the goal is to extend the project’s area of activity from Bayburt to nearby cities as well as to Erzurum and Erzincan.

The "Anatolia In The Loom's Warp" project comprises four main headings. The first, with the consultancy of a Scientific Board, involves an inventory of kilim textiles in the villages attached to Bayburt, Erzurum and Erzincan. The other targets of the project are employment-oriented education, promotion and market creation in kilim weaving on 15 looms.

Affiliating itself with 3 universities and the Provincial Culture and Tourism directorates of the cities in question, the project is advancing with concrete, realistic strides in a holistic manner.

The starting point for the project is the ideal of reviving a tradition which has fallen victim to technological developments. Machine-woven carpets and kilims have rapidly eroded the number of traditional weavers in the region, and the production of kilims has all but come to a halt. The goal is to increase the number of weavers in this region while developing new channels for marketing, thereby enabling the spread of kilim weaving as an alternative source of income.