Ethnographic Exhibition

The collection of folk paintings has been put together by Hüsamettin Koçan over the years, and consists of rich products from the tradition of folk painting. Under-glass paintings, lithographs, oil paint on paper and embroidery reflect the rich memory in this area.

This section features works reflecting different beliefs. An epic sharing is expressed by examples of Şahmaran, a "protective charm" dimension of faith by Eshab-ı Kef, a belief in eternity by the Amentü Ship, the voyage of visage-writing by the Writing Bird, the taking of a victim by Sır-rı Ali, and beauty by Zümrüd-ü Anka and by The Fabulously Beautiful Fatma.

Local products fall into two major groups, ehram and pottery. Pottery is nourished by the depths of the earth, ehram by the nomadic way of life. Ehram motifs offer rich examples of a highly tasteful, spare language directly connected with nature and the rural culture, one which represents a nomadic form of perception. In terms of form and embellishment, earthenware cooker, earthenware pot and urns take us back into the past. The variety in metalworking and the perception of form is underscored by amulets, cure bowls and measuring tools, most of them collected in the region.