Contemporary Art Exhibition

For this section plans call for a group of artists to be guests in the region every year, with the works they produce to make up the following year’s exhibition. At the end of a year the works exhibited will be put on permanent display in the warehouse-museum. The artists in this section will represent a broad spectrum from various disciplines.

In the opening exhibition held in 2010 the contemporary art section is made up of works by Ali Kazma, Alp Sime, Aslımay Altay, Ayşen Urfalıoğlu, Aziz Sarıyer, Beril Anılanmert, Burak Bedenlier, Esma Paçal Turam, Gülay Semercioğlu, Güler Güngör, Hüsamettin Koçan, Kurucu Koçanoğlu, Murat Morova, Mürteza Fidan, Nermin Er, Ramazan Bayrakoğlu, Suzi Hug Levi, Şakir Gökçebağ, Tuğrul Selçuk and Zafer Mintaş. With "tradition and art" as their point of departure, these artists have produced works over a broad spectrum which includes sculpture, painting, video and installations.

In the Mezzanine Gallery the aim is, every year, for a designer to exhibit his/her designs based on local materials. In the museum's opening exhibition this section featured clothing made by fashion designer Özlem Süer using ehram as a fabric. Every year there will be a different designer here, and he/she will choose the designer for the following year.

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Çember / Photograph , 2008 / 100x66, 100x66, 66X100, 100x66 cm Red Ribbon / Textile, Pleksiglas, 2009 / 50x60, 105x165, 100x130, 45x65 cm Untitled / Installation / Gauze with glue, string, 2009 / 270x 130 cm Unit / Aluminum plate, 2009 / 140 x 30 h: 200 cm
Being a woman / Ceramic, 2008 / 480x50x20 cm Untitled (Bees) / 560 10X10 terracotta items, 2009 / 250x250 cm Lamp / Silicon, brass, 2009 / 60x60, h:140 cm Anatolia / Wire, screws, wood, 2008 / 150x100 cm
Snake's worn-out shirt / Iron wire, 2009 / 20x20x235 cm Shaman Cycle 1,2,3,4 / Mixed media on canvas, 2009 / 100x290, 100x290, 100x290, 100x290 Ants / Cotton string on styrofoam sculpture / Little Ant, 2009 / Big Ant, 2010 / Little Ant: 88x90x180 cm / Big Ant: 345x210x145 cm Installation in the Museum Library / 1300 red and white plastic spheres, 2010 / 950x900x450 cm
River of no Return / Plaster, india ink, tar, photograph and felt pen on canvas, 2009 / 240X100 cm Realm / Video Installation, 28 min, 2009 Untitled / Installation on cut-out paper and motor parts, 2009 / 30X30 h:160 cm Denim Factory / Video, 17 min, 2008 / (With the permission of Francesca Minini, Milan)
Nine / 9 garment designs in ehram cloth / 2010 Untitled / Sewing on fabric, 2009 / 120x64 cm Untitled / Wool, thread, paper, 2009 / 240x450x50 cm Untitled / Colored plastic shoe, 2010 / 310x 310 cm
Tree of Life / Painted wood, gold leaf, 2010 / 47x22 h:238 cm Cushions For Our Guests / Installation, Cushions, 2009 / 330x40 cm