Awards Bestowed On Us

In the context of its "11th Ankara Art Gathering" ÇAĞSAV presented the Baksı Culture and Art Foundation with an award of honor. At a ceremony in March 2011, a statuette representing the ÇAĞSAV Institutional Award of Honor was given to the Baksı Culture and Art Foundation for the following reasons: "Its efforts to bring contemporary and traditional art together on a common plane; its vision of handing cultural values and art works down to future generations; by opening the Baksı Museum, its contribution to the economic and social development of the region, and its proving of the fact that art is not unique to the big cities..."

In 2010 the Baksı Museum received the "Art Lovers Institution Prize" in the context of the 20th Istanbul Art Fair organized by TÜYAP. The Istanbul Art Fair is the most deeply-rooted uninterrupted art event in Turkey, and every year it witnesses the bestowal of Awards of Honor. On behalf of the Fair a jury picks artists and institutions as nominees for these awards, based on their contributions to various branches of the plastic arts.

Contemporary Istanbul is held with the aim of bringing Turkish artists and art lovers together with international contemporary art circles. For his contributions to art, it bestowed an award on Prof. Hüsamettin Koçan, founder of the Baksı Museum.

Every year a brick symbolizing his/her contribution to contemporary art is presented to an artist, academic or businessperson. The first was earned by businessman Sakıp Sabancı, while in 2010 the award went to Prof. Koçan. "Not only as an educator who has trained and encouraged numerous young artists, but as an artist himself, and as founder of the Baksı Museum in Bayburt's village of Bayraktar" Koçan was deemed worthy of the award.

In 2010 the Baksı Museum received one of the 10th Golden Compass Public Relations Prizes awarded by the Turkish Society of Public Relations. A total of 175 projects in 16 branches entered the competition, where together with Group 7 Communications Consultants the Baksı Museum won first prize for Projects Hors Catégorie. Since the idea of the project first germinated until the present day, that is, for a period of 10 years, Group 7 has voluntarily acted as communications advisor to Baksı in areas ranging from opening events to the exhibitions which helped toward founding the museum.